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Here you will find cartoons, movies, songs and other audio recordings, scripts, stories, poems and photographs, all by Nathaniel Jones. In addition to the entertainment, you'll also find some businesses started by Nathaniel Jones, including "Be a Cartoon," "Celebrities! On Line One," his university, "The University of This Box of Kleenex," and others. And be sure to stop by the Gift Shop on your way out! Enjoy your day here at GuyWithTheCoat.com!

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March 26, 2006: New Cartoons, New Movies... For those wondering why there have been no new updates in over five months, it's because all of the new updates have been going to NathanielJones.com - that site is updated far more often than this one, so I recommend you go over there for more fast-paced updates.

October 17, 2005: New photo album: Rainy Day, WWU Fall '05

September 22, 2005: Two - count 'em TWO new cartoons! Yowza! The first is a cartoon version of the song "Shout Hooray! It's Patriot Day!" and the second is a cartoon version of "Harry Potter and the End of the Series." As with the written version, don't read it if you are a young'n or are offended by offensive stuff, or if you haven't yet read Half Blood Prince.

September 13, 2005: I just switched web hosts so there may be some glitches on the site for the next little while. But once everything is working, there'll be all sorts of fantastic newness. Sign the new Guestbook! Have a discussion in the new Forum! Check out the new song, "Shout Hooray! It's Patriot Day!"

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